The Advantages of Re-selling ELD Solution Only

The Advantages of Re-selling ELD Solution Only
  • December 8, 2020

The Advantages of Re-selling ELD Solution Only

If you would like to re-sell ELD solutions, there are several options for you to consider.

In this article, we would like to provide the advantages of re-selling only ELD versus ELD solution as part of the GPS tracking package.

When we talk about re-selling the HOS/ELD solution solely and NOT as part of the GPS service bundle, we mean the ELD solution that is not associated with any software as part of the product offering, thus it can be offered as a stand-alone service.

Here are the pros of offering only ELD to the end-users:

Price advantages:

  • Hardware price advantages. When using only ELD, a trucking company needs to invest money only in the ECM device connected to the vehicle and a tablet. There is no need to buy an expensive GPS tracker to access the GPS data. Besides, the fleet managers can save on the installations by installing only ELD hardware.
  • Service price advantages. ELD software tends to be less costly in comparison with bundled deals offering GPS tracking plus ELD. According to our estimates, the average ELD/HOS service to the end-user starts at $10/driver.

Training and support advantages.

  • Oftentimes dispatchers and drivers get confused with sophisticated GPS systems that might overwhelm them with all the features and specific details. Easy, user-friendly ELD solution with the attached manuals can save a lot of training and support hours.
  • Friendly and reliable technical support. We hear feedback from frustrated trucking companies that when their drivers call the support line of big GPS platforms, they get confused and frustrated about the automated technical support and the fact that they cannot talk to a real person and resolve their issues with the e-logs or statuses. According to Harvard Business Review, smaller companies are better at providing customer service and supporting their clients with the help of live agents. Stand-alone ELD software manufacturers strive to provide outstanding service due to the rising competition and the need to increase customer loyalty.

Flexibility and reliability.

  • Smaller independent ELD providers tend to be more flexible when it comes to technical feature requests. Usually, they have in-house development teams who receive feedback from the customers and address the requests in a timely manner.
  • A stand-alone ELD solution can be integrated with other systems through open APIs. We already mentioned GPS tracking platforms, however, the list is way longer: supply chain software, dispatch solutions, financial services for trucking companies, DOT safety, and compliance solutions, insurance services for trucking companies. An ELD solution paired with the above-mentioned services is a broader product offering and a new stream of revenue.
  • Smaller software providers are less likely to be affected by the targeted DDOS attacks and, thus, tend to have less downtime, when it comes to the service shutdowns. Besides, the cyber-security teams take less time to determine the cause of the service slowing down and fix the issues promptly.

Assured Techmatics is a client-oriented Fleet Optimization Software Company. We constantly work on the efficiency and reliability of Apollo ELD, our flagman ELD solution.  We value the feedback from our partners and closely watch the industry trends. Our team works tirelessly to deliver the best UI experience to fleet managers and drivers.  We pride ourselves on our customer support and high-security standards.

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