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Welcome to the assured Techmatics™

Assured Techmatics is the new brand for what were formally known as Apollo ELD and Assured Tracking Inc.

What our customers like about our products

  • Fully compliant yet extremely driver-friendly ELD solution
  • ELD supports numerous hardware devices. Carriers can switch to Assured Techmatics without buying new hardware
  • Integration of ELD and dispatch helps run my business more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction to get me repeat business
  • Assured Techmatics Tracking is easy to use, provides extremely useful tracking information for both tractors and trailers
  • Assured Techmatics Analytics adds analytics and alerts about vehicle and driver performance to help lower costs and increase my profits and Assured Techmatics Smart Cam provides even more visibility and capability

Why our customers like working with Assured Techmatics

  • Great products
  • Excelent and timely Support
  • Honest, knowledgeable, friendly team
  • Always ready to help us be successful and have happy customers

assured Techmatics family of products

Family of products to ensure compliance, efficiency, profitability and safety risk assessment.

Vehicle and driver behavior information for loss prevention and insurance mitigation.

Products grow with you as you grow.

Wide variety of supported hardware to provide maximum flexibility and enable you to switch from other products to assured Techmatics without needing to buy new hardware.

Features that are normally found in more expensive and complex products included.

News and blogs

assured Techmatics 1st Quarter 2021 update

It has been a while since we made posts on our social networks because we have been extremely busy. The first quarter of 2021 is over, and we are excited to share AT’s exciting updates. – Canada? Canada! Canada… The Canadian ELD Mandate deadline is approaching fast. Our team is 100% dedicated to meet all […]

Evolution of ELD-From paper logs through AOBRD to ELD

Evolution of ELD-From paper logs through AOBRD to ELD Now that the second country in the Americas, Canada, is getting ready to adopt its Canadian ELD Mandate, it is a good time to go back in history and remember how the ELD industry started. Here are the main: Before the 1980s: Old-school paper logs were […]

IOSiX Customer Excellence Award

Trust and loyalty are golden in business. They lead to strength and unity in times of crisis and uncertainty. We are humbled and proud to receive the award for Customer Excellence from IOSiX, a premier manufacturer of ELD hardware and high-end automotive data acquisition systems. Reliable hardware is a treasure to find, especially that will […]

Top 5 ELD FAQ and Answers

Top 5 ELD FAQ and Answers Assured Techmatics is a client-oriented Fleet Optimization Software Company. We value the feedback from our partners and their end-user. We pride ourselves in providing great tier 1 and tier 2 support. We compiled the top 5 frequently asked questions and answers that our operators received during their 24/7 support […]

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