Supported ECM Devices

apollo ELD is a driver-friendly, reliable solution that supports hardware with Bluetooth and wired options. Over 3,000 daily active transportation companies are currently using apollo ELD solution.
apollo ELD meets the local and federal regulations in the USA, Canada and Mexico and supports the following rulesets:
  • USA Federal regulations (60 hours / 7 days and 70 hours / 8 days)
  • Cycle Hours Recap
  • California intrastate
  • Texas intrastate
  • Florida intrastate
  • Oilfields
  • Passenger-carrying vehicles (buses)
  • Asphalt/Concrete (under short haul exemption)
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Canada cycle 1 and cycle 2
  • Canada vehicle inspection report schedule 1
  • Mexico NOM-087
apollo ELD app features:
  • automatic switching to/from Driving based on vehicle’s speed or location services.
  • Vehicle inspection report (DVIR)
  • IFTA reports
  • Recap hours
  • Passenger seat option (app calculations)