assured Techmatics is excited to offer a self-hosted apollo ELD solution for those who would like to take an extra step in their product offering.

“The most driver-friendly, easy-to-use ELD solution hosted and controlled by you, with flexible support and customization options.”

apollo ELD platform is deployed on your servers, or we can provide co-location services with the full server access.

Flexible packages help you to support the hosted environment with additional customizations and an extra layer of branding and uniqueness.

assured Techmatics’s proprietary information and intellectual property are protected with the encrypted database and web services, but the portal and mobile ELD app can be customized to your preferences.

Environment must remain connected to the internet to guarantee operational continuity.



Platform Products

Here are just a few benefits of working with the apollo ELD HOSTED SOLUTION:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Portal hosting, SSL certificates
  • REST API, webservices
  • Backups, Data retention
  • ELD app – Google Play Store
  • ELD app – Apple Store
  • FMCSA registration
  • Email/Phone
  • Reseller Support Portal
  • 24/7 driver support available
  • Chat
  • Hosted solution configuration support
  • Support your development team
  • Portal and ELD app layout
  • API additions
  • New features
  •  Annual license fee per number of assets

Environment, Technology and Support

Secure: apollo ELD database (encrypted), database access, web-services.

Customizable: API additional methods, portal look and content, ELD app look and feel including layout, button shape and location on the screen.

We offer different support packages to fit your needs, from full support to shared support where we only service system

Pay as you Grow

  • Initial FLEX deployment package includes solution deployment on your own servers or we can host your new servers for you.
  • Includes solution rebranding (web portal and mobile ELD apps).
  • Purchase initial annual license fee including 500 assets.
  • Add licenses as you grow.
  • Order customization packages and/or support services to differentiate your ELD solution from other apollo ELD resellers and to add more features.

Download the apollo ELD hosted solution datasheet