Information You Should Know about Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

Information You Should Know about Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)
  • November 8, 2020

Information You Should Know about Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

In general, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) allow owner-operators and fleet management companies to monitor hours of service. Every CDL driver must have an ELD to record the HOS.

According to the FMCSA mandate, an ELD device must:

  • Connect to the vehicle engine to monitor the engine’s status;
  • Provide the drivers with the ability to choose the duty status. The driving status will be automatically chosen according to the vehicle’s status.
  • Show the driver’s log in the app, therefore the dispatcher and the driver can check the hours of service daily.
  • Share the ELD data with the DOT inspector or law enforcement authorities.
  • Be certified by FMSCA.

If you are looking for an ELD solution, please bear in mind the think about all the planning and training of the dispatchers and drivers in advance, which we will be happy to provide if you sign up. There are some important prep steps

Understand how ELD devices work

A lot of ELD features are based on how the systems and devices get, store, and deliver the driver logs. There are some of the new functions and requirements:

  • ELD solutions help to track the driver’s performance to create the reports on the HOS for the fleet manager and law enforcement authorities to prevent violations of the ELD mandate during any compliance audit.
  • The “duty status” is essential to record every driver’s activity.
  • The ELD devices must track an alert if there is not any driving time mentioned in the driver’s log, or if an error found in the device.

Understand the main ELD functions:

Here are the key functions of the ELD solutions for fleet management:

  • Auto duty status: requirements, thresholds, and rules
  • ‘Personal Transportation’ vs ‘Business Use’
  • Reporting and audits of fleet
  • Editing driver’s logs
  • DVIR
  • IFTA reporting

Work with assured Techmatics on building your ELD solution

You can quickly become an ELD provider and we can help you build a new service offering to diversify your business and bring a new revenue stream.

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