ELD Training for Carrier Drivers

ELD Training for Carrier Drivers
  • November 8, 2020

ELD Training for Carrier Drivers

ELD Training for Carrier Drivers enables you to familiarize yourself and your team with the main objective of FMCSA “Make main roads safer for every driver”. One of the main risks on the roads is exhausted driving which causes most road accidents and deaths every year.

The ELD regulation needs the installation of electronic logging devices. It is the cutting-edge step to discourse exhausted driving behavior of drivers of mainly big buses, trailers, and trucks. ELD devices make it simpler to apply existing HOS rules that remain unchanged. Here, we will present some key things about ELD rules as basic ELD training for drivers.

ELD Training Exemptions and exceptions

As stated in the ELD rules, certain drivers need not use ELD devices. In fact, there are exemptions and exceptions and It’s significant to notice that drivers or fleet management agencies may decide to implement ELD devices even though they aren’t required. These individuals or entities aren’t needed to use ELD devices:

The drivers using manual logs for at least 8 days in any period of 30 days.

The drivers for Drive away-Tow away operation, where one or more vehicles are driven as a product, or the driven vehicle is a motor-home or a trailer as a recreation vehicle. In the last case, keep in mind that two wheels of the driven vehicle must be used during transportation.

And to end with, the vehicles being transported or driven must be manufactured before 2000.

ELD Training for Carrier Drivers assists you with Selecting the best compatible ELD device for your Fleet.

There are a few useful tips about choosing the best compatible ELD device for your vehicles. which we cover in Our comprehensive ELD Training.

How many vehicles do you deal with?

No matter, if you have 10 or 50 vehicles, at assured Techmatics, We provide a wide variety of ELD devices that can meet your requirements. Some ELDs work as separate units, while others have the ability to link with a central data network where the data of the vehicles are monitored and supervised as a whole. If you have only a few vehicles, you may consider purchasing only a stand-alone unit for each vehicle. Please make sure that it includes the lowest number of specifications according to the ELD rule. For assistance, when selecting an ELD unit, please consult with the ELD rules defined by FMCSA.

Do your drivers work in remote areas?

Certain ELD units depend on the cellular connection to submit data to the central data network or the smartphone. This feature is available in many portable ELDs. Think of all these factors such as the required locations to drive the vehicles and the capacity of cellular network connection when choosing an ELD device.

The collected data is also needed to be transferred to the local authorities. There’re mainly three methods to transfer the ELD data. These are USB, Bluetooth, or web services.

How your drivers or fleet employees benefit from ELD Training for Carrier Drivers?

It doesn’t matter what ELD device you select for your vehicles, every driver must have proper ELD Training and know-how to work with the devices according to the rules, to record, confirm, and submit the collected data. Please contact us to learn how to proceed with the ELD Training for your drivers, we will be happy to assist you.