Things to Consider before Buying Cheapest ELD Devices

Things to Consider before Buying Cheapest ELD Devices
  • November 10, 2020

Things to Consider before Buying Cheapest ELD Devices

The ELDs in your vehicle will make sure that you keep up with the ELD rules specified by FMCSA. This will provide you a range of special features to monitor your (HOS) and make the CSA score better.

Let’s find out if it is really a good idea to order the Cheapest ELD device.

Is there a free ELD device offered in the market?

Most ELD providers require a monthly subscription; some others also have a lease fee, installation fee, access fee, and usage-time fee.

Some companies provide free ELD units; but, it requires a monthly subscription, while some companies take only one upfront payment in full with no extra charges.

Although there’re a lot of ELD units offered in the market these days, it can be very challenging to select the right e-logging device for your vehicle. Our ELD experts at assured Techmatics. will evaluate your requirements and help you to choose the right ELD solution for your fleet.

During this process, you should take some aspects into account, for example, cost, technology features, ELD type, or whether the ELD is authorized by FMCSA.

Always Focus more on quality than the price

There are several reasons why you must be careful when selecting electronic logging devices according to the price. We will explore 3 of these reasons as follows:

  1. 1. Some devices have cheap rates in the market because they have poor quality and include only a few features available in the devices.
  1. 2. The features offered in any ELD device and the customer support provided by its manufacturer are the key difference between the cheapest ELD and costly units.
  1. 3. The savings you may be thinking that you are getting by buying the cheapest device may cost you more in the long run as you will have to spend time and money on repairs and support.

Cheap ELD device may be provided by low-quality manufacturers

When sourcing for cheap ELDs, note that new providers in the market might offer very low standard, be careful when dealing with them.

Due to FMCSA ELD regulations, certain new ELD companies have come up suddenly in the market from nowhere in the past few years, offering a range of devices like ELD, just at a very low price.

These companies lack experience and do not offer a sustainable solution that will assist your company’s fleet efficiently.

Cheapest ELDs may not have updated features

Several ELD providers providing cheap devices at low prices do not offer all the features or the latest required by FMCSA.

We at assured Techmatics recommend considering all the aspects described above at the time to choose any ELD solution so Your business always complies with the FMCSA mandate and avoid any major issues derived by not having the right ELD.