ELD News-What to Consider When Adopting ELD?

ELD News-What to Consider When Adopting ELD?
  • November 11, 2020

ELD News-What to Consider When Adopting ELD?

If you own a fleet or looking into fleet management solutions, Our ELD News section offers insights on all several important aspects to consider when selecting ELD devices. These are very important devices to measure drivers and assist with compliance in the vehicles by the FMCSA mandate.

Find the right ELD solution

There’s a range of ELD devices available in the market provided by different companies. It’s essential that you find the ELD services and solutions that fit your needs. When searching, look for companies that are reliable and have been in the market for a long time with a high success rate. Some fleet companies searching for an ELD just look for the basics in order to meet the ELD mandate, while other fleet companies realize the benefits of having this system, and take full advantage of all the useful applications. For example, IFTA reporting. You should also keep reading the latest ELD News to find about the latest solutions.

If you are presently using e-logging devices, contact us at Assured Techmatics and we will suggest the most valuable solution. We can also update your present system, so you may not need to purchase new devices.

Develop rules and valuable practices

Before starting the training of the functional ELD changes, it is good to establish some rules to make sure of an easy transition. Look at a few of the procedures that are better to regulate before time:

  • Guidelines for clear and constant annotation
  • Procedures to retain and submit the required supporting records
  • Procedures to report and resolve the ELD failures or technical problems

Pilot or Testing Program

Before installing the ELD devices to all vehicles included in the fleet, it is good to test the ELD devices and services with a few vehicles to see if there comes any issue. This testing process should show a sample of a big setup to make sure that the solution is ready to use at a large lever. You may use different vehicles at different locations to test the solution. The type of staff to engage in this test must include drivers, admin staff (such as dispatcher, driver manager, fleet manager, etc.), and more staff, for example, maintenance staff.

Training of Driving and Supporting Staff

Once you have installed the devices, train your driving staff about how to operate the devices. All drivers must know:

  • How to log in with an ELD device
  • How to set free driving hours in ELD data
  • How to set or change duty status
  • How to edit the logged data
  • How to write notes to any edit or addition
  • How to authorize the data – to show that it is accurate and complete
  • How to get RODS data
  • How to read the ELD device interface
  • How to send ELD records by web services or Bluetooth to the company or any official authority
  • How to recognize and make a correction or report any data diagnostic issue
  • How to report device faults

Along with providing the training to the drivers, have a plan ready to provide training to the fleet supporting staff about the new ELD features. They should also know the latest ELD news about the latest ELD updates.