Choosing an FMCSA-Certified ELD Solution – What to Ask

Choosing an FMCSA-Certified ELD Solution – What to Ask
  • November 11, 2020

Choosing an FMCSA-Certified ELD Solution – What to Ask

Selecting the right FMCSA-Certified ELD Solution can be a challenging process. By taking the right decisions, you can streamline compliance, boost safety, and productivity. On the other hand, by not complying, you may end up with defective technology, higher costs or hidden fees, and the risk of having to repeat the process over again.

We are glad to share with you the key aspects to think about when making this decision. By neglecting the price and considering the premium features, you can locate the right FMCSA-Certified ELD Solution at Assured Techmatics to meet your all requirements and the solution that will work for a long time.

1. In any trucking organization, there may be several kinds of vehicles and trucks. There may also work with some special fueling vehicles.

Search for a solution to use with any type of vehicle. Searching for a universal system will decrease the cost in many ways. Primarily, the drivers and management personnel won’t need to learn more than one system or extra installations. Secondly, having one ELD solution in all vehicles decreases the overall difficulty of the complete solution.

The question to ask is: Can the same solution work with all types of vehicles?

2. Simple Installation process

The time taken for installation can have a great impact on the complete ELD system. A difficult installation process may be more time-taking and possibly costly in your pocket. Make sure to find out how fast the installation practice will complete and how much cost is involved. The plug-and-play system simplifies the whole process, even sitting in the vehicle and running the system in a few minutes, not hours.

The question to ask is: What is the installation method for FMCSA-Certified ELD Solution and how much time it needs to complete the process?

3. Affordable devices

What the cost of an ELD device is? There are several costly ELD systems available in the market, having a range to $2500 for a big enterprise. If you prefer hardware, installation, and a monthly fee of the service, it may increase the cost. From another point of view, a cheap solution may not have every required feature to meet your requirements.

Consider the ELD devices as an asset instead of expenditure. The best FMCSA-Certified ELD Solution will provide far more advantages and profit as well as opportunities for savings in your operating costs long term. You may also decrease costs by selecting an ELD system to use with the existing ELD devices, avoiding new device acquisition costs.

The question to ask is: what is the price of the device and is there any regular monthly or yearly price?

4. Simple solution to work with

The ELD solution is essential to use. Drivers have several different responsibilities while driving on the road. The drivers should have a system that makes it simple to update their duty status, full vehicle inspection, and make available a complete report throughout the roadside inspection. The fleet administrator needs quick collection and reporting of data, so, they can simply track Hours of Service. A difficult user-interface or complex workflow may risk your ELD compliance rules.