ELD contracts coming to an END, take advantage, and resell a great ELD solution!

ELD contracts coming to an END, take advantage, and resell a great ELD solution!
  • December 11, 2020

ELD contracts coming to an END, take advantage, and resell a great ELD solution!

On February 16, 2016, when the ELD mandate came into place and was enforced by the FMCSA (DOT), fleet companies had the urge to implement and comply with this new regulation. Vehicles, mostly long-haul trucks equipped with an AORBD, had to upgrade or replace these devices to meet the full ELD status. Not all ELD solutions were user-friendly, and drivers and fleet managers saw the need to implement another system, but they were locked with a 36-month contract. Those days are coming to an end!

It has been 3 years since fleet companies acquired an ELD vendor/solution, and they are ready to switch due to the increased outages and poor customer service. It is the right time to start reselling ELD and going after those contracts, but before, you should take action and prepare to win customers and retain them by having the right infrastructure in place.

1. Ask your customer to sign an NDA and protect your IP, prices, and other commercial information.

2. Schedule a remote demo – Go over the mobile app to show the driver’s perspective, and the Web Portal demonstrating the dispatcher or fleet manager’s view.

3. Create a demo account – Let your customer play around with the solution and gain experience using a full-functional account during the trial period.

4. Prepare an SLA (Software license agreement) laying out the most important aspects of your relationship, including a service contract for a period of time.

5. Sign a price agreement that includes their monthly recurring fee, installation, and hardware cost.

At assured Techmatics, we will provide all the tools necessary for you to run a successful ELD business.

assured Techmatics only sells via resellers.  We do not believe in a channel conflict

We sell “wholesale” to you, you choose your own retail prices.

We will train you on the products and provide collateral as well as other tools

You provide Tier-1 support, but we’ll help you as needed, win-win

You are free to have your own resellers or referral agreements.

You can choose to White-Label products or sell ours.

Benefits of being an assured Techmatics /Apollo ELD vendor:

● A complete mix of products for both compliance and efficient business

Lots of opportunities to sell products and increase your revenue

Stable products, no need for constant updates and updates to the updates

Our development is right across the hall from the management.  No overseas development, no lag in bug fixes, support in your time zone

We support over 25 hardware products, so no need for your customer to replace their existing hardware.  And, we’re developing auto-migration tools to move your customers easily and quickly from other ELD product

Our prices give you good margins and you can set the price as you see fit

We have plenty of tools for you and your customers and are developing many more

We are a pleasure to work with!

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