What is Electronic Logging Device-ELD Solutions?

What is Electronic Logging Device-ELD Solutions?
  • November 3, 2020

What is Electronic Logging Device-ELD Solutions?

The fleet management companies recognize that electronic logging records must be more than the only submission. The Electronic Logging Device provides a considerable return on investment (ROI), improving safety logs, increasing production, reducing operational costs, reducing fuel costs, and helping to retain drivers.

The Electronic Logging Device offered by Assured Techmatics enables fleet management companies to transform their profit. In addition to ELD logs, our ELD solutions are fully FMCSA compliant, it integrates a wide range of GPS Tracking Devices For Vehicles – driver performance score, messages, work and flow of work, and much more. Its open and customizable Android platform gives carriers the facility to add more functions as their requirements are.

That is why fleet management with ELD devices or Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices is migrating to Assured Techmatics because of reliable, scalable, and driver-friendly ELD solutions. Learn more about ELD News here:

Integrate ELDs with a productivity hub

• Driver App Store: Add other Android apps for drivers. Application deployment is completely manageable.
• Media Manager: Send training guides, documents, or videos to devices in the driver’s cab with Media Manager – for individual or group devices – with organized distribution and expiration date.
• In-cab scanning: Document scanning, capture signature and obtain high-resolution images of the vehicle, with edge auto-detection and other enhancements.
• 4G LTE connection: Get more speeds and greater long-term performance with a 4G LTE connection.
• BYOD: Choose your own cabin tablet from certified ELD devices available at Assured Techmatics.

Go beyond just ELD Submission for improved Return on Investment (ROI)

• Driver scoring: Provide onboard and live scoring, feedback, and coaching, covering safety and performance. Highlight areas to improve with colorful logging for coaching guidance.
• Advanced messages: Improve messaging among the driver and company staff with custom messages and text-to-speech functions.
• Tasks and workflow: Schedule jobs for drivers, including deliveries, pickups, fuel filling stops, rest places, and much more. Guide them during the workday through the device in the cabin, with arrival forms giving instructions upon arrival.
• DVIR: Let drivers get back to the road faster, every day, with the DVIR Android app.
• Fuel efficiency: Use the Fuel Auditor ensuring that all purchased fuel goes into the tank and used only by the engine.

Improve compliance and safety

• Service hours at workspace: Use the dedicated Electronic Logging Device at the workspace to obtain clear, actionable, real-time information for each driver.
• Drivers’ service hours grid: View active time and driving time, shift time, time available until the next break, status of obligations, and updated locations of each driver.
• Drivers ‘obligation grid: Displays the drivers’ obligation records for their present cycle that may be edited/managed from ELD devices by the support team in the office. Driver violation is noted and more information on the regulation was dishonored.
• Missing miles: Eliminate miles traveled without a driver. Since driver records are saved by the ELD hardware, the direction is logged, even though a driver drives a vehicle without connectivity. At login, almost certainly the driver knows the recorded miles, while not connected, and is asked to reject or claim the miles.
• Vehicle exception workstation: Manage anonymous driving hours with an audit trail, produced if any exception is found, showing when it is logged and who confirmed it. Automatically identify the driver most likely to be linked to driving hours to resolve any exceptions.