Do you work in the trucking industry? Do you sell services to drivers and trucking companies and think of expanding your business offering?

We would like to invite you to consider our ELD suite as a great addition to your family of services. We will be happy to help you to add a new revenue stream by enriching your existing offering with easy and driver-friendly solutions.

We would also like to share an actual success story of one of our most successful resellers.


The goal of the project is to take advantage of existing subscriptions in a transportation services organization by launching ELD+GPS tracking package. Rather than earning a one-time referral fee from ELD providers, the company agreed that developing a new business division selling ELD suite would greatly improve their bottom line.


The company was founded in 2014 to provide the highest standard consulting services in the areas of trucking safety and compliance. The company is highly respected by the local and regional market and was looking for an additional source of growth


The company had limited knowledge of telematics or ELD and no experience running this type of business. They realized that they had lacked those services to provide a 360-degree safety and compliance solution to the drivers


The company made an initial investment to start a telematics and ELD business unit. The initial investment allowed to hire 2 new employees, who had sales and technical background. The company bought initial hardware inventory, invested in a white-labelled solution and hours of in-office training with apollo ELD experts, to quickly tap into the existing customer base. assured Techmatics proposed different marketing strategies to create brand awareness and target the right customer for our business partner


The company had multiple owner operators and small-to-medium size carriers as their existing clientele, to whom they offered one-stop insurance, DOT safety, compliance, and DOT drug and alcohol testing services. By adding a telematics and ELD solution, the company completed a full array of driver safety solutions and increased their revenues with a simplified monthly subscription model


The company recovered the initial investment in less than 7 months, currently have 11 new employees, and it’s expanding to 3 new geographical markets.