Response to COVID-19

assured Techmatics and apollo ELD business continuity:

We switched to “work from home” on March 13th and our operations haven’t been interrupted since.

As we all go through this worldwide pandemic – together – we wanted to let you know that assured Techmatics and apollo ELD are here to support you and your business continuity plans. We feel it is important to provide you an update regarding what steps we are taking to ensure the continuity of the services we provide your operations. We also know that your top priorities remain the health & wellness of your family, your friends, your coworkers, and most importantly yourself. We share that sentiment with you and they’re our top priorities too. That’s why we remain committed to providing the resources necessary for you to continue your day-to-day operations with as little frustration or disruption as possible. We transitioned to Remote-Work since Monday, are in constant communication and running our operation at 100%.

Please know that our business and technology are resilient by nature and our online services are hosted with an industry-leader co-location provider who remains committed to accessibility and support.

We are focused on serving you, our customers, in any way possible during this time of uncertainty. Please let us know if we can assist your operations with specific reports regarding your assets. Our team is on hand to assist you as we continue to help you support the world’s supply chain.

Emergency Subscription Aid in response to COVID-19:

As of today, our system shows uninterrupted service usage (vehicle movements, ELD system access, platform access, etcetera).

We want to reassure you that we are here to help. As a response to the impact of COVID-19 we have created the “Emergency Subscription Aid” program. We understand that, at some point, you could face financial hardship due to the interruption of your income. Please, contact us if needed.

What products and services are covered?

Monthly telematics (tracking) and ELD service fees.

How does the program works?

Please, submit the form. Indicate the discount percent your business needs from us on your current billing cycle. We will review your request and decide, based on internal reports (number of drivers/vehicles using the system, system usage during the billing period, among others) the level of help we can provide you with during this time. It is not our intention to recover the discounted money at a later time but rather help you deal with the current uncertainties, together.

Click here to download a document with compiled information regarding federal/state COVID-19 financial help.


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